Dev Report #1

Since the next races are all about efficiency, i developed a new car for the 2nd part of the season. I tried a design highly inspired from the 80’s group c cars for the next races. Last year i tried that style and had some success  but that car lacked a lot of frontal downforce back then. So i did some research on web and as i suspected i didnt fully utilized the front diffuser. As everyone know back then the challenge was getting most downforce from the ground effect. Since the rules on Mantium Challenge doesnt give us to utilize the fully ground effect tunnels, we cant produce the same downforce levels but i still managed to get around 5000 nm downforce with a fairly simple design

Apart from the body, i lovered the rear wing flaps and reduced the angle of attack rate on the 2nd flap. The heat exchangers are still middle on the car. As you can see, the air goes in to the ducts from the top of the body and leaves trough the wheel arch. The reason of the wheel arch region was to not disturb the air flow too much. I still lack some frontal downforce but its not extreme. And since it doesnt have that big of an effect on the laptime i didnt poke much that area.3dview15

I didnt test this concept on MVRC Cfd atm but One-Click CFD gived some promising results. I anticipate to get lower drag and lift on the MVRC Cfd since my last race results was like that.
So some numbers from one-click cfd then:
Cd.A: 0.95 m2                   Cl.A: -4.21 m2
CoP : 1.860                         Total drag: 1143.59 N


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