Dev Report #2

After the devastating result on Sepang im motivated to do a better job for the next race on Brazil. Before the results come in for Sepang, somehow i knew that i didnt do a good job on cooling and optimizing the COP and the details but didnt realized it is that bad. So i changed the car drasticly for the next race for having to acomplish the objectives that i had in my mind.

-Better cooling (obviously)
-Lower drag
-More downforce

Achieving these objectives is number one priority for all competitors of course so no real suprise there. But making it reality is the hard part of this competition. Since the first race of this years competition, i suffered heavy from cooling. On the preseason tests for KVRC, my car had a very good downforce figure but had a bad cooling. Same for the first race. When the competiton shifted to MVRC, i got 2 penalties but my car still had a strong figure on the downforce department but not on cooling. So i needed a fresh approach to cooling and i run out of ideas.
My close friends know my passion about Motorsports and also they know that i am a diehard BMW fan. So naturally i checked the BMW V12 LMR and look for some inspirations.


Then i realized that i can easily copy the cooling system that V12 LMR has. So after an hour of work, i changed the geometry on front of the car to generate better airflow to the hx surfaces.

First results were very promising. I had a positive (actually very positive results; +6 m^3/s)  result on cooling and instead of getting some positive drag, the result show that i managed to get some negative drag with this new setup. (also worth noting the new single flap rear wing)

The car gained a lot of downforce from the optimized front diffuser and the diffuser tunnel that leads to the end of the car. I’m still trying to optimize that for using it to gain downforce on rear diffuser for lowering the wing angle even more to gain some more speed on straights.

With the changes car has gained around %21 more downforce and lost around %5 drag.

Over the course of development the car changed a lot so i dont have any problems to publish some images from Paraview

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1st and 2nd picture clearly shows how the diffuser gets the most airflow from the side of the car.

I will probably publish some images of the final car after submission over.


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