Dev Report #3

Next race is the legendary LeMans, where a lot of drama happend on the past. Last race, my car suffered once again from cooling. There is no doubt that if my car had a %100 engine cooling, with the penalty that CAEdevice suffered, i had podium finish on Brazil.

After the race i contacted André about my cooling issues, mainly about why i had a different numbers on my tests. (i had around 6[m^3/s] on tests -twice more than required  but -1.76904[m^3/s] on the race) Turns out there is a bug on the openfoam that measures the mirrored measurment surface. On wflow, Openfoam uses a symmetry condition that measures only the one half of the car, so the other half isn’t there on the initial simulation.

With this info, i again changed the cooling but not drastic like the last change. First of all, i didnt mirror the midsurface part and give it more polys for a better measurment. Changed the porous media surfaces for better mesh quality ( on past i was creating the face first and extruded to a box, on my new approach i created the mesh directly as a box and shaped it) and opened up the air intake. I had a good airflow but the results wasnt good enough. So i changed the location of the cooling surfaces and moved it back to the car. This did the trick and give me around 3.4[m^3/s] airflow. But as a side effect, car lost some aero efficiency.

Besides cooling, i had some minor changes on front of the car for optimizing purposes, minor changes to diffuser area, 3 vortex generators back of the cockpit and changed the rear wing to TF approach. I tested the vortex generators back on the Brazil car, and found out that it helps to generate small amount of downforce back on the car so i installed them for this race.

Unfortunately i had a busy week and didnt test the car much, and it occured to me that i could have something illegal on the car on thursday. After checking that part of the car, i had to change it because it was indeed illegal. I made a last minute change to the rear part of the car and because of that cop shifted to front around 0.05. Im not happy from that but i ran out of time so there is nothing i can do about that.

Since its the last race, i have no problems to share some more images about how my cars underbody works, what does the vortex generators do and some general images.


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