New season, new car, new challenges. After getting a promising end last year, i wondered and tried to learning some cad softwares. I learned the fundementals about solidwork but im not comfortable enough to design at the moment. But that experience give me some great insights about how to design and how not to.

Firstly i looked a way to create my own airfoils. After some search i find out that there is a software called QBlade. So i designed 6 airfoils and tested on the old software as a single element rear wing for the 2017 championship. Results and the shapes are below.

For this year, i wanted something new and fresh (kinda thinking like McLaren there [i hope it won’t result like McLaren]) and went to a complete diferent concept with a high nose and fully closed sidepods. While last year i had something similar again on Monaco, it didnt get the results and i got some penalties for breaking rules. After that i ditched the high nose for the rest of the season.

First concept was finished off season for trying new things for cooling. After getting some positive numbers, i decieded to stick with the high nose and develop furter. Got around 40 different versions of the current car and i only finished the last simulation a couple of hours ago. The focus was mostly on the front end since the new software has a lower drag and also lower downforce numbers. Tried a lot of things on the front end, big wing like the Variante cars, different dive planes, different shapes on the diffuser.. At the end of the day, i ditched every solution that i tested and tried the number 3 airfoil that i created on the qblade on front end with a single diveplane and a upper wing. Here is some pictures of a couple different versions and a picture for the transition of the nose to floor for CAEDevice 🙂

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As the followers known, last year on the last 3 races, i used a brand new car for the efficiency races and got some good results. One of the key things about that car was the front pod diffuser. I almost doubled the front end downforce with that so i thought to using something similar this year too. But instead using a pod difusser that guides the air into the wheel area, i created a duct in front of the front wheel that i’m calling “P-Duct”. Basicly it works kinda like the s-duct, getting air below and send it top of the fender to the rear fender and rear wing while lowers the amount of air that goes around the wheel thus lowers the positive lift because of the wheel wake.  Tried to get some venturi effect for more suction by make the middle of the duct narrower but sadly i couldnt test the difference with and without that. I went with the venturi one for this race.

Here is some screenshots:

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